Monday, 19 March 2012

New Angry Stitch Sampler: Stop Staring At Me!

Fresh off the frame and available to pur-chase from the shop.

Handstitched and framed in a vintage style gold frame, it features an original 1924 DMC border design to compliment the urban/angry phrasing.

This version is ready to ship as seen. Want another size, style frame? No problem, let me know and Angry will accommodate!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New Angry Stitch Sampler: The Village Bike

Now available to view and purchase in the shop

Hand stitched and using an original 1923 DMC bike design, this sampler has been given the Angry Stitch twist. It's ready to ship in this frame or available in other vintage inspired style frames.

Like what you see?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Goldie Looking Chain Cowl in Silver!

The latest made to order purchase from The Angry Stitch shop is a Goldie Looking Chain Cowl in Silver so I thought I'd share!

Knitted with 40% Merino yarn this metallic look is incredibly soft and gentle against your neck. Soft, squishy and stretchy, each link is hand knitted then crocheted together to form a unique and cosy cowl.

This cowl is made up of 25 links which enable you to wear it doubled for extra warmth, differing lengths are available as are Bronze Gold and Yellow Gold.

Treat yourself or a loved on to the softest, squishiest and sparkliest cowl collection you've ever seen or felt! No scratch and all the sparkle - sw-ee-ee-t!

The Angry Stitch Goes to Hollywood: Ava

The Angry Stitch Goes to Hollywood collection is slowly increasing and this is the latest addition available in the shop. A collection of cross stitch pieces based and inspired by the classic stars of Hollywood, the contract stars, broadly speaking...

Each piece is titled with that star's first name and features 4-5 seemingly random words which are, in fact, key points of trivia specifically about that actor or actress. A Classic Hollywood brainteaser if you will!

As you know this one is called Ava, can you guess the trivia and which classic MGM actress it's about?

I hand mount and frame the pieces in vintage inspired frames I have sourced from antique shops, carboots...anywhere and everywhere! This piece is available as is seen but any subsequent Ava orders will be in a different as almost all of my frames are uniquely sourced.

I am happy to take on board your frame style preferences and will accommodate you as best I can.