Friday, 27 January 2012

A Piece Called Marlon

Soon to be seen in the Angry Stitch shop is the new Angry Stitch Goes to Hollywood collection. A collection of cross stitch pieces based and inspired by the classic stars of Hollywood, the contract stars, broadly speaking...

Each piece is titled with that star's first name and features 4-5 seemingly random words which are, in fact, key points of trivia specifically about that actor or actress. A Classic Hollywood brainteaser if you will!

I hand mount and frame the pieces in vintage inspired frames I have sourced from antique shops, carboots...anywhere and everywhere!

I recently accepted a commission for an Angry Stitch Goes to Hollywood piece about a specific actor and here it is...can you guess who it is and what the clues are? It's title is the name of this post...

Answers on a comment form!

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